ma budzić. Ma inspirować. Właściwe słowo we właściwej chwili może zmienić świat 一
umysłemrękami gotowego na te słowa człowieka.

You have grown up in a culture which has taught you taht you are not responsible for your feelings even though the syllogistic truth is that you always were. You've learned a host of sayings to defend yourself against the fact that you do not control your feelings. Here is a brief list of such utterances that you have used over and over:

You hurt my feelings „I hurt my feelings because of the things I told myself about your reaction to me.
You make me feel bad. I made myself feel bad.
I can't help the way I feel. I can help the way I feel, but I've chosen to feel upset.
I just feel angry, don't ask me to explain it. I've decided to be angry, because I can usually manipulate others with my anger, since they think I control them.
He makes me sick. I make myself sick.
Heights scare me. I scare myself at high places.
You are embarassing me. I'm embarrassing myself.
She really turns me on. I turn myself on whenever I'm near her.„
You made a fool of me in public. I made myself feel foolish by taking your opinions of me more seriously than my own, and believing that others would do the same.


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